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Are YOU ready for your daughter/student/grand daughter/niece to be empowered and inspired? It's time for the next generation of young girls to feel, and BE Brave, Bold, and celebrate their unique selv...

Are YOU wanting to empower the next generation of girls?

Do YOU know a girl in grades 4 - 9 who has low self esteem  Maybe she's a target of bullying?

Do YOU want to inspire your daughter/students/niece/grand daughter not to be afraid to be herself?

Do YOU want the next generation of girls to be bold?

Do YOU want your daughter/student/niece/grand daughter to have self confidence, be empowered to be brave to stand up to the bully?

Do YOU want success for the next generation of girls?

Are YOU wanting a new motivational speaker to come and have empowerment activities and raise your girls self esteem?

If YOU answered YES to any of the above questions......here's the solution for YOU!

Welcome to Wonder Girls Camp from Calgary, Alberta, a program to empower girls to be brave, bold, and celebrate being their unique self!  It's all about empowerment, having success in all areas of their lives, and raising their self esteem.

Click on the links to the left to find all the information on how Wonder Girls Camp can help YOU and the next generation of girls!